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Hearty Thai Wraps

You thought I’d forgotten about the food blog, didn’t you?  Or (gasp) COOKING ALL TOGETHER?  Fear not; we’re still here, eating regularly and cooking up a storm.  Everyone has that thing they return to after the baby is born that makes them feel like life is returning to a normal rhythm, and for me, it’s […]

Orange Chicken Wraps

I got this recipe out of a library book on street foods from around the world. I don’t remember being very impressed with the book as a whole, but it had a few recipes worth keeping: Satay Chicken, Coriander Potatoes, and Orange Chicken Wraps. This dish is attributed to Nicaragua; I have doubts about its […]

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

I made chicken noodle soup tonight.  It’s been very autumnal around here, with our little man enthusiastically lighting his pumpkin every night and the down comforters out on everyone’s beds.  Soup seemed right.  Quick also seemed right.  Why not some comfort food? I know that there are much fancier ways to do chicken noodle soup, […]

Spicy Apple Chicken Chili

I once asked my Mom for her chili recipe. To my dismay, her response was, “I just put in whatever sounds good.” I eventually learned to replicate hers, a good classic chili with beans and ground beef and a lot of chili powder, but earlier this year I decided to get adventurous. This was the […]

Shredded Chicken Tacos

The cast-iron is a must for this recipe. The blackened goodness that builds up on the skillet, called the “fond”, gives the chicken just a little bit of a crust. This texture really sets it apart from most Mexican chicken dishes, and in our house has earned these the somewhat inappropriate-sounding nickname fondled chicken tacos. […]