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I have a theory: The best foods in the world are also some of the messiest. Think about your favorite burger falling apart in your hands, crab juices all over your fingers after laboriously cracking open the shell, or delicious BBQ ribs dripping with sauce. A complete mess, but totally worth it. Just look at this guy. He’s loving life!

I love food; I love cooking it, sharing it, eating it.  I spent four years in Portland, Oregon: a foodie’s paradise, where Thai, Lebanese, and and all sorts of other ethnic restaurants abound.  These days I live in Atlanta, Georgia: a thriving city of artisan restaurants and good ol’ fashioned Southern comfort food.  Though, having been born in Arizona, my personal penchant is for Mexican food, which is what I spend a good portion of my time in the kitchen exploring.

Once a week or so, I’ll try to share a recipe I make or a new restaurant I try. Life is too short to waste on bad food, so dig in like a dinosaur.



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