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Hearty Thai Wraps

You thought I’d forgotten about the food blog, didn’t you?  Or (gasp) COOKING ALL TOGETHER?  Fear not; we’re still here, eating regularly and cooking up a storm.  Everyone has that thing they return to after the baby is born that makes them feel like life is returning to a normal rhythm, and for me, it’s always the cooking.  New recipes mean that things are going really well.  And I have a lot of new recipes.

Of course, I ought to share some of them.  One of the best things on our table recently has been the Curvy Carrot’s Thai Roll-Ups, which I’m calling Hearty Thai Wraps because they surprised with how satisfying they were.  These wraps are delightfully simple, fresh, and guilt-free.  (This will free you up to eat that cookie you’ve been coveting.  You’re welcome.)  I followed her recipe fairly closely, but you’ll note that I used a seared chicken breast instead of chicken substitute.  The sprouts were omitted because they can be difficult to clean properly, so I tend to avoid them with little ones eating at the table. I also added a few leaves of minced mint to the cilantro, which is a trick I picked up from another recipe I’ll be posting soon.  Anyway, do what your heart stomach desires.  It’s good stuff on a hot summer’s day.

(Note:  I just realized that my most recent recipe post from January was a Curvy Carrot recipe too!  Her recipes are lovely.  They are generally healthy, accessibly written, and quite satisfying.  My dudes enjoy them too, which is high praise indeed.  Go follow her blog!)


Hearty Thai Wraps
(Serves 2, plus some; lightly adapted from the Curvy Carrot)

Peanut sauce (from a jar, or homemade…)
5-6 flour tortillas (fajita-sized)
1 seared chicken breast, sliced thinly
1 red bell pepper, sliced into thin strips
2 carrots, peeled into thin strips
1/8 C chopped green onion
1/8 C chopped cilantro & mint leaves (heavier on the cilantro)
Sriracha sauce (optional)

For each wrap, liberally smear peanut sauce all over the inside of the tortilla.  Pile in the chicken, bell pepper, carrots, green onion, and herbs.  Garnish with sriracha if that strikes your fancy.  Roll tightly and enjoy!


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