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River Street Sweets

A few weeks ago, I sneaked away with some girlfriends for a brief, child-free weekend.  We ate many a marvelous thing, but what I brought home for Keith and son were…  wait for it…

Pecan pralinesBear claws.  Heaven on earth.

River Street Sweets is a charming riverfront candy store in downtown Savannah, facing a precarious cobblestone street.  (The cobblestones were pretty awesome.  I just kept thinking, “Holy cow, I bet a lot of drunk folks in heels on St Patty’s Day fall all over themselves on these stones.”  Anyway, back to my story.)  I am sure there was a ton of fantastic treats, but I scooped up the pralines and bear claws because they were so delightfully Southern.  I’d also never had them.  I can be a selfish giver that way.

They were wonderful.  Utterly wonderful.  The pralines were sweet without being cloying, and the bear claws were somehow soft without collapsing or melting all over.  Keith and I are now arguing over whether we will get ourselves the pecan pralines or the bear claws for Christmas.  We’ll probably ship our families some Southern praline goodness for the holidays.

But I’m buying myself some bear claws.


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