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Return of the Pregnant Lady

You are thinking that we have abandoned this blog.  Or perhaps you’ve been wondering if we no longer eat, subsisting on futuristic tubes of nutrients while we advance science and technology in magical ways.

No.  Well, sort of, but mostly no.

Around the time of our last post, we discovered that we have another little one on the way.  Hooray!  About 3 weeks later, morning sickness kicked in.  Booooo.  So while the boys have continued eating like the awesome omnivores they are, I’ve been eating very blandly and with great tripidation.  No interesting culinary adventures on my watch.

Actually, now that I think of it, the boys might have had some interesting culinary adventures without me.  If they did, they kindly did not inform me of them.  Who wants to see Mama turn six shades of green for the twentieth time in one day anyway?

Today marked the first time that everyone in the family, pregnant or not, was relatively illness-free and feeling good.  We celebrated with Keith’s trademark fajitas.  Hopefully today also marks the return of fun food and blogging!



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