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Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery

I have a ton of awesome things to mention about a local farmer’s market, but it would make for an epically long and probably unread post.  So I’ll just lob smaller bits of awesome at you throughout the summer, okay?

Last week we stopped by the Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery market stand.  Three things to love about them:

  1. LOCAL SOURCING.  They source all of their milk from small, local dairy farms with good practices.  This means that they (and you, as the buyer) keep the money local and flowing back to small farms.  My love and support for small farms requires an entire post in itself, so let’s just leave it at: good for the economy, good for the local community, good for our food supply.
  2. HEALTHY MILK.  All that good local milk is additionally hormone and antibiotic free, which (I think) is good for your body and for slowing the rapid development of drug-resistant bacterial strains we’re encountering these days.
  3. ARTISAN QUALITY.  Holy cow, y’all.  You wouldn’t believe how good this stuff tastes.

Now back to my story.  We beat the crowds, so we were the only ones there at the time.  The folks at the stand were friendly and just plain nice, letting us taste a ton of stuff.  Do you know what won our stomachs?

Karma Java Yogurt.

Hear me out.  It sounded a bit odd before I tasted it too. But the rich earthiness of the french roast coffee tasted ridiculously good in the slightly tart, creamy yogurt.  It was so good I considered hoarding it for dessert one night, and I don’t even like yogurt most of the time. If a quart of it had been available, I may possibly have blown my grocery budget on it and hid the stuff in the back of the fridge, eating spoonfuls when no one noticed so that no one else could steal share some.

It was good.  Really good.

Go get some.


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One comment on “Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery

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